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At Eagle Project Services, we have the right resources to get the job done right. From Engineering, Fabrication, Project & Construction Management, and Construction. Eagle Project Services is your one complete source.

Plan Layouts

Eagle Project Services utilizes a variety of 2D and 3D software packages to accurately layout equipment, route ductwork and piping and check for interferences.  From these layouts, we have the ability to generate 3D walkthroughs for the purpose of reviewing layouts with our clients in a way that helps them visualize the finished project, identify access and maintenance concerns, and approve layout concepts prior to final drawings being produced.

Mechanical Equipment

Eagle Project Services has experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of material handling equipment including mechanical conveyance systems, material collection bins, and metering bins.  Eagle can also provide custom board/panel handling systems including custom roll conveyors, chain conveyors, stackers, unstackers, sorters, saws, strapping and wrapping stations, and various other mechanical equipment.


Eagle Project Services has an extensive background in the design of both high-pressure (positive displacement) conveying systems, low-pressure conveying systems, dust collection systems, and environmental fume control systems and equipment.  Eagle’s parent company, WPS Industries, has been one of the leading industrial pneumatic system suppliers for nearly 35 years.  Together, WPS/Eagle has successfully designed, fabricated, and installed hundreds of pneumatic systems throughout the US, Europe, and Canada.

Electrical Design

Eagle Project Services has the capability to provide comprehensive electrical design and implementation for all commercial and industrial project requirements.  This includes power and lighting plans, power distribution and analysis, switchgear, plant control system design, PLC programming, HMI design and programming, and communication network design.

Structural Design

Our staff has extensive experience in the design of structures ranging from commercial buildings to large multi-story industrial structures.  We have designed structures for a multitude of applications including the support of vibrating equipment and retrofitting and renovating existing structures in order to provide increased load capacity.

Finite Element Analysis

We have the capability to provide finite element analysis of existing and proposed structures and equipment. We have designed or evaluated numerous tanks, vessels, and other structures using finite element analysis.

Site Development

Our staff is experienced in site development work ranging from the development of subdivisions to the design of green field industrial sites.  Site work includes the design of all site grading, drainage structures, roadways, water containment facilities, etc.

3D Modeling

The majority of our designs are performed in a 3D environment using AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, RISA 3D, and other software packages.  We also have the capability of creating 3D models of existing facilities in order to help the owners with the planning and development of new projects.

Project Management

We offer full project management services including cost control, scheduling, procurement, contractor management, etc.  We offer these services with the understanding that some of our clients have their own in-house project management staff and some clients don’t have any project management experience.  Our goal in this area is to partner with our clients and provide whatever level of project management service is required to ensure that each project is successful.

Construction Management

Our staff is experienced in the management of construction and installation of major projects. We offer this service as part of our turnkey construction efforts or as a stand-alone service to our clients to help ensure the success of their projects.

Turnkey Construction

One of the strengths of Eagle Project Services is our ability to offer turnkey project services. When we provide turnkey services, Eagle manages every aspect of the project from start to finish including concept, scope development, budgeting, engineering and design, fabrication, and installation. Our unique relationship with WPS Industries gives us the flexibility to tailor our services to each project and each client’s specific needs. We can provide engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction to whatever level provides our clients with the most benefit.


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