Bay Valve Service LLC. recently completed Phase I and began Phase II of a project with a local municipal water district in Washington that showcases the company’s expanded engineered flow solutions capabilities in the hydro market.

The company began work to repair two out of six valves and proposed a system redesign and installation of a special plunger-style, energy dissipation valve that would improve and extend the life of the municipal water system.

Bay Valve Service workers remove a turbine trip valve from the job site.

“The valves being used by this system were very old and not being used in the way they were designed,” said John Barta, Bay Valve Service Technical Account Lead. “We repaired the valves that had worn out and proposed a new valve design that would extend the life of the equipment 50 years.”

Barta added: “This new valve, which measures 48 inches in diameter and weighs 14,000 lbs., will serve three important functions in the water system. First, it will act as a shut-off valve; second, it will be a modulating, or control valve; and third, and most importantly, it will be an energy dissipation valve. This will enable the efficient discharge of water at a rate of as much as 550 cubic feet per second.”

The new valve proposal will provide a final long-term solution with the right valve.

Bay Valve Service is a leading service and equipment provider in many industrial segments and has expanded its large project work in the hydro market over the past two years, according to Bay Valve Service President Jason Schrage.

“We’ve been involved in hydro projects for a number of years, but we are working with several new manufacturers that will enable Bay Valve Service to participate more actively in larger hydro opportunities,” Schrage said.

About Bay Valve Service Inc.

Bay Valve Service, a 35-year-old company with 11 locations serving 17 Western states,  provides comprehensive pump and valve services, including application engineeringupgrades and installationsrepair/refurbishingasset trackingmaintenance and emergency outage service. The company serves customers in a variety of industries requiring engineered flow solutions, including oil & gas, power generation, petrochemical, pulp & paper and mining. Bay Valve Service is a division of Industrial Service Solutions.

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